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You couldn't be in better hands than Nicola's at the Hering Clinic. I had plenty of misconceptions before I went for the first time, all largely totally wrong. The sense of wellbeing that can be discovered through colonics is remarkable.


I just want to to say "thank you", after 12 years of pain and discomfort after eating, Nicola and Denise have helped me identify the problem foods and clear out a historic build up of rubbish and mucous in my bowel. Yay!


Thanks to Nicola and Denise for such a warm welcome and fantastic treatment. X


I have visited the clinic twice this year. Denise made me feel completely at ease both times and was so friendly and down to earth it felt like an old friend was doing my treatment!  Both Denise and Nicola are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and have given me loads of advice since my visits. They also recognise that it is not always possible in this day and age to eat properly and they never judge you. for it. its reassuring to know they are not saints all of the time!  I highly recommend The Hering Clinic


First time- so friendly and hospitable- already feel a difference. Thank you so much!


Hi Denise.  You have been sent to me!  I am so joyous to have found you. I feel fine thus far.  I will now read your attachments with excitement - life, here I come!


Amongst the most warm and caring treatments that I have ever had. Many thanks for making me feel at ease and welcomed.  Thank you Nicola 🙂


So excellent.  Excellent staff.  We came from Birmingham and London and making plans to come back as this was such a pleasant experience and hopefully a kickstart to a healthier life!


Protocol given by you is actually working out very well for me. Along with that I am currently doing Yoga, learning to swim and using Aroma therapy which are contributing to my weight loss and easy my condition. I had a period 28th day first time after a long time. I have lost 3kgs now in a period of 2 months, expecting to lose more in coming months. I am extremely happy as I was never able to achieve this. I thank you for all your support and help 🙂


Very welcoming, puts you at ease. Felt the effects straight away. Amazing.  Will definitely recommend it


Feeling wonderful again! As usual. The whole world should do this! The benefits are amazing for me. X


It's something that everyone should do, I feel fantastic and radiant. A small business that cares; exactly how it should be.  Hopefully my recommendations to other stubborn blokes will come through!


First time having a colonic. I feel so refreshed and the experience was completely relaxing. Thank you so much for helping with years of problems. X x x


After a weeks holiday, I really needed my session with Denise.  Yet again a wonderful experience and I feel so much better. Always enjoy my visit and chat as Denise is such a special and lovely lady


First time today and a little apprehensive about the process but thrilled by the results. Thank you for making it so relaxing. X


From the first enquiry through to the end, Nicola put me at ease. The clinic is beautiful and set in some gorgeous grounds making the whole experience even more relaxing and calm. I have never had a procedure like this before, and Nicola covered everything clearly, professionally and calmly. There is no rushing and explanations throughout. I came away feeling like I had a very relaxing experience and I am looking forward to seeing Nicola again. I would highly recommend the clinic, the procedure and most importantly Nicola! Give it a go, it truly does make you feel better!


Dear Nicola and Charlie, Thank you both so much for the effective, diligent and loving approaches you have always displayed to all of my clients from the retreat.  Every person sent here has experienced immeasurable benefits from the colonics and too, your attitudes which have helped everyone to feel comfortable and very at ease indeed. So many clients over the years and not one disappointed! That’s saying something. From everyone at “Eliane” and “Evelyn’s Mark”

Mark K

Just wanted to say how amazing Charlie was, really put me at ease so thank you to you both for your help.

J Fay

My first ever colonic, and it was the most amazing experience! From the moment I stepped through the door, I knew I was in good hands. I cannot recommend this awesome lady enough. Denise, you rock! Blessed to have found you, and very excited about things to come!


I LOVE THIS CLINIC.  It is the absolute best for treatments. I've only met Nicola and had treatments with her but I am sure Denise is also fantastic. Totally at home, first class advice, I can't recommend enough.


Extremely welcoming, was really made to feel at ease!  Very informative and encouraging- i'll definitely be back


A short note to say thank you for our therapies on Saturday, they were eye opening and we both can report positive benefits... in short you have two converts and regulars. My wife is pleased with her bowel movements, they are not painful anymore and she is also 11lbs lighter.  Gail found Nicky helpful, understanding and a joy to be with. I thank you (Denise) for your patience and understanding and I also lost 6lbs and felt good.


Brilliant session 2nd time i've been here. Nice and relaxed, feel loads better! See you in 6 months! Thanks Nicola! xx


First visit was amazing, went away feeling relaxed, light and so clean. As a result, I am here for my second colonic with coffee enema. Denise is wonderful and made me feels so relaxed. Would definitely recommend this to everyone. Was amazed what I had inside me!!


Was a colonic virgin until today, now i'm a colonic convert! Brilliant, fab, wonderful. Have booked my 2nd treatment because i'm convinced i've finally found the solution after all these years. Thank you so much Denise. 🙂 xx


I have been treated by Nicola for last few months, when I first came to the clinic i had been feeling rough for many months, from the first phone conversation i found her approach caring and helpful, she put me at ease straight away and her professional approach and caring attitude made the improvements to my condition so much easier with each visit.  Nicola, things seem to be ok since my last visit and i have had no problems since, thanks again for all your help.


It was great to meet you both and I have nothing but praise for you and your clinic.  I feel fantastic today, but hungry after a week of no appetite and heartburn looking forward to enjoying my food this weekend.  I will be booking my next appointment soon


Response from Local Doctor after we thanked him for referring one of his clients to us - "Absolute pleasure – I know what a good clinician you are as well as being lovely to clients!!   My patient Susan is extra-special and deserves the best professional possible- - You!"


Wow, what an experience! This was my first colonic and I can't believe I can already feel the difference and I haven't left the clinic yet. x


Thank you Denise for kickstarting my "naughty" bowel back into life and giving me such knowledable advice about food and diet. Made to feel very welcome and comfortable.. see you again soon!


Was a colonic virgin until today, now i'm a colonic convert! Brilliant, fab, wonderful. Have booked my 2nd treatment because i'm convinced i've finally found the solution after all these years. Thank you so much Denise. 🙂 xx


Fantastic team work with Denise! I think we achieved a record clean out. Tummy is flat as a pancake now! Super- thank you.  X


Very professional and wonderful service. Made to feel comfortable and whole experience was perfect. My 1st colonic and very impressed. 5 start service.


First time today and felt very nervous, especially after years of erratic bowel movements and bloating.  It was a strange but wonderful experience and I am excited to have found somebody who is so lovely, caring and understanding in Denise. Looking forward to future and regular visits and to be free of a strange tummy 🙂  Big smiles all round. xxx Thank you xxx


This is such an amazing treatment and so delicately delivered with all the tenderness one could ever wish for in such a situation.  Thanks ever so much for your discretion and kindness. Can't wait to come back again. I just love both these people who deliver this amazingly beneficial service. Once couldn't wish for more caring hands than these whilst undergoing this cleansing treatment. Just felt so clean and new afterwards - loved being me again.


Just thought i would let you know how things were going, I seem to be much better with my bowel movements, even when i miss a day or so it’s not to big a problem.


Charlie was lovely and very calm and informative, puts you at total ease throughout. I am so glad I did it as it’s not only good for your gut but cathartic too - highly recommend Hering and Charlie - back next week for a second one.


Hi Nicola.  Many thanks for the info today.  I thought you were amazing today and very caring.  Thanks again for all your help


I highly recommend colon hydrotherapy treatment at The Hering Clinic. I was made to feel comfortable and the whole treatment was handled with sensitively and with great professionalism and some good humour. I would certainly come again and recommend it to anyone else interested in having this treatment.


Today was my second colonic as I did the detox package (2 colonics and detox). I must say its one of the best things I have done and it has really helped me change my diet and wellbeing. Charlie was lovely and made me feel so comfortable.  It’s not as bad as you imagine (I would have felt better reading that lol)as I built myself up to it being really bad. It was amazing and since then I have lost half a stone! Thank you, Charlie.


Would definitely recommend Nicola! Amazing service, friendly, informative and really knowledgable. I feel like I can actually start regaining my health. Thank you!


Feel amazing, thank you! You make your customers feel special and that's because both of you are passionate and care


Thank you both for looking after me so well. It's thanks to you that i've had the best year ever with my gut!  In fact we have made friends with each other! Haha! So friendly and professional- always a pleasure! Thank you x


"Your service is fantastic!  You are both so caring and helpful, with great enthusiasm for your work. The clinic is spotless and very well equipped.  I have felt so much better after treatment. I was having bad migraines 3 or 4 times a week, and headaches in between. Now I have mild migraines once a week and very few headaches. Nicola has been treating me and I would recommend her to anyone! Very caring , knowledgable and helpful. I can't think of any ideas for improvement because you are so good!"


I have fabulous news to tell you... all round I am overwhelmed by how fabulous I am feeling... already feeling less tired too.  Thanks so much Denise, Seriously, what a wonderful thing you are doing!


First visit and it hs been very interesting.  Would definitely have it again. Thank you Denise and Nicky. Lots of love. x


First visit. Denise was absolutely amazing! I love her! Very professional service, really put at ease. Will definitely be back x


Thank you once again for all your help and advice on Tuesday.  I'm feeling great after my colonic and have bought the Anti Fungal & MSM as recommended.  My xmas drink favorite was Tia Maria with coke. Not touching alcohol or mince pies this Xmas.  Want to stay as fresh headed as poss as i'm loving this new feeling.


I was so apprehensive coming for my first treatment but Charlie was so nice and explained it all to me. It was a wonderful experience and made me feel empty for one having been very uncomfortable for a long time. Looking forward to my 2nd treatment.


Have had quite a few colonics now and I always feel great after.  Lovely to chat to Denise who I always trust to give sound advice- thank you x


Feel relaxed, calm, surprisingly empty and lighter.  You made me feel special with a brilliant customer service and your personal passion for your job.  Well done Nicola



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