Digestive Health

Digestive Health Consultation – Video/Telephone Call

Initial appointments and follow ups · 1 hour · £85

This is for those who would like to talk about their digestive disturbances and are truly interested in getting to the root cause of their condition. This is a comprehensive approach where you will receive sound, tried and tested advice from Nicola Broomfield, a qualified and experienced Naturopath.  Nicola can also facilitate specific, clinical testing from reputable laboratories to really understand where the issues are and can help you interpret the findings and guide and support you onto the right path to overcome your digestive complaint. We also have many trusted Health and Wellbeing Professionals in our network that we can recommend and refer onto if appropriate.

This fee includes a 1 hour consultation, a summary and recommendation document.

You can book using the link below. If it is the first time seeing us, please contact us so we can check your suitability for the treatment.

Digestive Health FAQs

Somebody who is truly ready to address their digestive complaint and is ready to make the changes necessary to make this happen. You need to be open to discussing your case history in depth, using clinical testing to allow us to specifically target the issue, and making lifestyle changes where needed. We are realistic about what changes can be made within your lifestyle, and often small changes can make a big difference. We also enlist the help of other health specialists such as nutritional therapists, life coaches, fitness experts, counsellors and colonic hydrotherapists if appropriate.

The process begins with an initial consultation, where we spend one hour going over in depth your current health history and discussing what changes you can make to start getting some relief from your digestive disturbances. You will receive a summary report of what we have discussed. With your consultation in hand, we are also able to recommend what clinical test/s, if any, are appropriate to get the root cause of your issue. You will receive the results with any further recommendations. A second consultation allows us to fully go through the results and to assess the progress you have made and make changes where appropriate.

There are many reasons why we have digestive complaints. The skill of the therapist is to take a case history that helps them understand the causation of your complaint.  These triggers may include but are not limited to:

Physical issues/imbalances– dysbiosis, gastric imbalances/inflammation, gall bladder/liver, histamine deficiency, parasites, candida, endocrine issues such as thyroid, adrenal, sex hormone imbalance

Mental/ Emotional issues– stress, anxiety, dissatisfaction at work, relationship issues, grief, trauma

Environmental issues– pollution, diet issues and intolerances, mould

It really varies with each person.  For some, digestive ailments can be present for many years and in some cases since Childhood. In these cases, you are not going to get a “quick fix”, however sometimes some small changes and some quality bowel support can really set you on the right path very quickly.

We offer many different clinical testing options through blood, breath, and stool testing from a variety of trusted laboratories. We have many comprehensive tests to look at a wealth of different markers, as well as more specific tests that we select based on your symptoms. These tests include but are not limited to candida, dysbiosis, food intolerances and allergies, SIBO, parasitology, h. pylori, inflammation, vitamin levels, thyroid, cortisol levels etc.

There are many different reasons why we have digestive disturbances, including physical, mental and environmental triggers. I can help you identify what these triggers are and set you on the right treatment plan but some of the treatments require addition support, and sometimes a multi-disciplinary approach is needed to restore health.