Prices & Packages


  • Single colonic = £85*
  • Package of 3 = £225*

*add a caffeine enema for £10 per session

Existing clients can book using our online booking service below. New clients, please contact us first by emailing or by using our enquiry form.

Colonic Cleanses:

The Ultimate Colon Cleanse – £209

Anyone who is interested in making a positive impact on their health, in a comprehensive package.

  • 2 x Colonics
  • 1 x Bionutri Ecobalance
  • 1 x Fushi Detoxipure

Who is this for?

Anyone who is interested in making a positive impact on their health, but in particular those with a history of constipation, IBS, bloating, gas, depression, skin problems and fatigue.

The cleanse starts with a colonic, which prepares your body for the detox programme, which is a 30 day premium gentle cleanse that supports the liver, as well as stimulating the bowel for a gentle release. The cleanse is simple and it will not interrupt your daily routine.  This is followed by your second colonic which will eliminate further, older waste.

Cleanse for Weight Loss – From £129

For those who are looking to start or boost a healthy eating plan to lose pounds. This cleanse encourages the body to metabolise fat.

The Raspberry Ketone Cleanse:

1 Colonic package includes 1 months supply each of Raspberry Ketone Capsules, TNT and probiotics plus 1 colonic – £129

2 Colonics package includes 1 months supply each of Raspberry Ketone Capsules, TNT and probiotics plus 2 colonics – £199

Why have colonics with the Raspberry Ketone Cleanse?

Having a colonic before you embark upon a cleanse creates a beautifully clean environment in your gut, enabling much better absorption of the supplement which is then able to take effect much faster, otherwise, we imagine it’s like sowing seeds on stony ground.  We also recommend another colonic halfway through because raspberry ketones encourage your body to burn fat, but fat stores toxic waste and once the fat starts to melt away, these toxins are released.

Digestive Health Consultation (Telephone/Video Call) = £85

This is for those who would like to talk about their digestive disturbances and are truly interested in getting to the root cause of their condition. This is a comprehensive approach where you will receive sound, tried and tested advice from Nicola Broomfield, a qualified and experienced Naturopath.  Nicola can also facilitate specific, clinical testing from reputable laboratories to really understand where the issues are and can help you interpret the findings, guide and support you onto the right path to overcome your digestive complaint. We also have many trusted Health and Wellbeing Professionals in our network that we can recommend and refer onto if appropriate.

Clinical Testing:

Blood Test – From £199

We offer a range of blood testing based on your symptomology. Food Intolerance and Allergy Testing is our most popular tests and are useful for those who suspect they have intolerance or allergy to certain foods.  We also offer thyroid testing, specific vitamin testing as well as general health blood tests.

Breath Testing – From £209

SIBO is a build-up of certain types of bacteria in the small intestines, where you absorb nutrients from your food. Instead, the bacteria can ‘eat’ the food, producing gases and bloating in the process. Breath testing offers clinical insight as to whether you have methane or hydrogen dominant SIBO, that allows you to access targeted treatment.

Stool Test – From £150

Stool testing is useful for those with bowel issues when you are unsure why it is happening.  Stool testing provides clear sound clinical evidence that ensures you get the best, targeted treatment.

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