"The Hering Clinic Complete Juice Cleanse" is launched.

National Gut Week!

It’s national gut week this week and to coincide with this we have chosen to launch our long-awaited juice-fast/colonics packages which we are implementing in conjunction with Raw & Juicy, the well-established London-based company.  National Gut week has kicked off with an article in Metro celebrating the power of juicing and probiotics.  Quote ‘We all know eating our greens is good for us and one of the best ways to rebalance the body’s pH is by upping your intake of them - owing to their chlorophyll content, they alkalise the body’.  Here here!  The easiest and best way of consuming greens is by drinking them - that way the nutrients get straight into the digestive system without being slowed down by the presence of fibre, the main reason, incidentally, for not juicing fruit.  Fruit is best eaten whole because the fibre is needed to slow down the digestion of fructose.  A direct injection of fructose into the system without the fibre is going to play havoc with your blood sugar.  Raw & Juicy use mainly vegetables, with the absolute minimum amount of fruit which is only used in rare cases when clients find that the only way to drink a particularly strong green juice is by adding a little fruit – better to drink it like this than not at all.  Imagine having a colonic and then only drinking clean, green juices for the next few days – pure heaven.  Take a look at our packages right here, right now.  I know you will be as excited as we are.  Click the link below for more information on our juicing/colonics packages and to read what the national press have to say about Raw & Juicy.