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Based in a village in Milton Keynes, our Clinic has private en-suite facilities for use during the treatment. As we are registered with ARCH, we adhere to all set up and hygiene standards. We take prode in our work and our Clinic and we hope it shows.


Our beautiful clinic, why not enjoy a cup of peppermint tea after your treatment?


THC_Therapists_010.jpgDenise King is not only a fully qualified Colon Hydrotherapist (Trained by the National College of Colon Hydrotherapy) and a member of the Association and Register of Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH) but is also a Nutritional Therapist; a graduate of the London based College of Complementary and Natural Medicine and a member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners.  Denise was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in December 2003 at the age of 43 and since then has embarked on an incredible journey to discover why it happened and how to solve it. 

THC_Therapists_resize_nic.jpgNicola is a fully qualified and experienced Colon Hydrotherapist, taught postgraduately at The National College of Colon Hydrotherapy (NCCH) and a member of the Association and Register of Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH); a professional association representing suitably qualified therapists with relevant health care backgrounds.  Nicola is a graduate from The University of Westminster with BSc (Hons) Health Sciences: Homeopathy with Biological Science and a member of the Society of Homeopaths. 



Colonic Hydrotherapy is a method of removing waste and toxins from the bowel by repeated, gentle flushing of warm water.  Many of our clients have reported the fantastic health benefits they have experienced after the treatment.  Please see our testimonials page, which features a range of our clients who have written to us to report how colonic hydrotherapy, in their opinion has been instrumental in helping them.  It is interesting to note that colon hydrotherapy is an age old practice and was once administered within UK Hospitals.

  • £75 per colonic but other offers are available -  click here for more info
  • First session can last up to 1 1/2 hours and includes abdominal massage and dietary advice as standard
  • The treatment room has a mirror (optional) so you can ensure we are doing our job properly by seeing how much you release
  • Free healthy tips, meal ideas and health magazine with your first colonic
  • We recommend a follow-up 2 weeks after your first colonic to allow your body to settle down but this is optional
  • More is usually released on your second colonic
  • Follow-ups last approximately 1 hour
  • Gift vouchers are available here
  • We are equipped to accept all major debit and credit cards


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A small selection of our testimonials: please see more here

"Thank you both for looking after me so well. It's thanks to you that i've had the best year ever with my gut!  In fact we have made friends with each other! Haha!  So friendly and professional- always a pleasure! Thank you x"

"First visit and it has been very interesting.  Would definitely have it again. Thank you Denise and Nicky. Lots of love. xx"

 "It's something that everyone should do, I feel fantastic and radiant. A small business that cares; exactly how it should be.  Hopefully my recommendations to other stubborn blokes will come through!"

"So excellent.  Excellent staff.  We came from Birmingham and London and making plans to come back as this was such a pleasant experience and hopefully a kickstart to a healthier life!"

"2nd visit today; made me feel great last time. Very professional and informative throughout the session, and a herbal tea to finish it off. Thanks x :)"

"First time today and felt very nervous, especially after years of erratic bowel movements and bloating.  It was a strange but wonderful experience and I am excited to have found somebody who is so lovely, caring and understanding in Denise. Looking forward to future and regular visits and to be free of a strange tummy :)  Big smiles all round. xxx Thank you xxx"

Response from Local Doctor after we thanked him for referring one of his clients to us... "Absolute pleasure – I know what a good clinician you are as well as being lovely to clients!!   My patient Susan is extra-special and deserves the best professional possible- - You!"
-Dr AN 

"Your service is fantastic!  You are both so caring and helpful, with great enthusiasm for your work. The clinic is spotless and very well equipped.  I have felt so much better after treatment. I was having bad migraines 3 or 4 times a week, and headaches in between. Now I have mild migraines once a week and very few headaches.  Nicola has been treating me and I would recommend her to anyone! Very caring , knowledgable and helpful. I can't think of any ideas for improvement because you are so good!"