Why Colonics are Great!

Why Colonics are Great!

June 03, 2011 at 7:03 PM

Cleansing the colon with water dates from ancient times but modern colonics have evolved into a gentle and dignified procedure that has proven simple, safe and effective in loosening and dissolving impurities form the wall of the colon.  This waste matter, if not periodically removed, putrefies, through the action of the wrong type of bacteria, to make the colon sluggish and toxic.

The above was written by Brian Clement (taken from his book ‘Life Force') who is a raw food guru and runs the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida.  All I can say is that I wholeheartedly agree!  Think about how stagnant water attracts mosquitoes whereas clean water does not.  As a result of poor gut bacteria we also get gas and bloatedness which is a huge problem for many people nowadays.  If you have been thinking about having a colonic, then take note of the above, perhaps it will finally sway you!

Happy Cleansing

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